MILabs continues its record-setting pace of preclinical imaging sales

//MILabs continues its record-setting pace of preclinical imaging sales

MILabs continues its record-setting pace of preclinical imaging sales


With three more orders booked in the third week of July, demand for MILabs’ preclinical molecular imaging products into the second half of the year is continuing at record-setting first-half 2017 levels, leading the company to forecast that sales for its own manufactured products will continue to increase by 50% year-over-year.

“These solid results demonstrate the appeal of our products and our ability to deliver innovative, out-of-the-box functional molecular imaging solutions,” said MILabs CEO Prof. Frederik Beekman. “We are continuing to invest significantly in new models and innovation, as shown by the new generation 5-series VECTor models with Concurrent PET/SPECT, the introduction of an highly successful Adaptive CT and the first all-in-one Optical/CT system, thus reinforcing our commitment to new technologies and providing new and compelling customer experiences.’

MILabs’s new generation-5 VECTor OI/CT features exclusive hexamodal imaging capabilities, including PET, SPECT, fluorescence, bioluminescence, Cherenkov and X-ray CT imaging.

About MILabs

MILabs B.V. (Utrecht, the Netherlands) provides high-end molecular imaging solutions for biomedical and pharmaceutical research. Today these systems contribute worldwide to the development of new diagnostic solutions and therapies for diseases such as diabetes, cancer, cardiac and neurodegenerative diseases. For more information, visit or contact us at

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