Quality & Regulatory

Quality Policy

August 2nd, 2016

MILabs B.V. is a best-in-class manufacturer and supplier of (pre)clinical nuclear imaging systems.

It is the policy of MILabs B.V. to maintain and continuously improve a suitable and effective Quality Management System (QMS) which is appropriate to the purpose and business goals of the organization and which is compliant with statutory and regulatory requirements.

This Quality Policy will help to ensure that the quality of our medical devices is maintained throughout all stages of the development, manufacturing, sales, distribution, and servicing of products and to ensure that all MILabs B.V. products are fit for their intended use and that the products will satisfy or exceed the specified requirements of both the customer and the appropriate regulatory authorities.

Top management will provide appropriate resources to implement this Quality Policy and to encourage and support all employees in understanding and contributing to the Quality Objectives.

Freek Beekman,