MILabs provides standard and customized material imaging solutions for nanomedicine, automated quantitative 3D autoradiography, high-energy radiotherapy, environmental, and agricultural applications as well as the food, chemistry, and process control industries.

The following imaging examples illustrate some of these applications:

  • In vivo nanoparticle imaging for diagnostic and therapeutic applications in nanomedicine.

  • Scanning of cryo-cooled tissue samples, such as complete organs, at 120 micron resolution with the EXIRAD-3D option of U-SPECT.

  • Theranostic imaging at sub-mm resolution of high-energy radiotherapeutic isotopes such as 131I, 188Re, 213Bi, 209At, 225Ac, and 223Ra (requires the High-Energy (HE) option on U-SPECT or the VECTor platform).

  • Granular matter research with a dedicated ultra-fast 1000 frames/min dynamic SPECT particle tracking system for imaging Brownian motion.

  • Fluid dynamics studies with PET, SPECT and/or CT in e.g. soil samples and oil transport pipes.

  • Quality and Process Control with Adaptive X-ray CT of agricultural produce, food products, and industrial products.

Combine any modality
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