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MILabs was founded in 2006 as an in-vivo imaging spin-off from the University Medical Centre Utrecht, the Netherlands. Today, the company is one of the global leaders in molecular imaging with the development of high performance preclinical PET, SPECT, CT and Optical imaging systems and human SPECT scanners. These imaging systems have received many international awards from the molecular imaging community and support the research of hundreds of satisfied users worldwide. Over three hundred peer-reviewed scientific papers have already been published to document the use of MILabs’ multimodal imaging systems for SPECT, PET, CT, Autoradiography as well as bioluminescence, fluorescence and Cherenkov imaging applications.

Unmatched quality through continuous improvements

MILabs achieved its first commercial success with the U-SPECT and U-SPECT/CT systems, which today deliver sub-quarter-mm resolution in-vivo images of radiolabeled tracers. There has been a continuum of new developments that further improved the performance and functionality of these small animal imaging systems. In 2011, MILabs introduced VECTor, an extremely user-friendly, fully integrated multimodal SPECT, PET and CT imaging technology that provides uniform ultra-high resolution for PET as well as for SPECT. In addition, a clinical SPECT scanner with unmatched performance is currently being developed, for which MILabs received the 2015 Innovation of the Year Award from the World Molecular Imaging Society. In 2015 MILabs launched U-CT, a best-in-class preclinical in-vivo micro-CT scanner, which provides unprecedented resolution, low dose imaging capabilities and outstanding scanning speed. Today, this diagnostic micro-CT is an integrated part of its multimodal U-SPECT/CT, U-PET/CT and VECTor/SPECT, PET, CT systems. Moreover, most recently MILabs launched autoradiography and optical imaging modules for its latests preclinical systems: the 6-series that received the 2018 WHIC Innovation of the Year Award. Customers can now order SPECT, PET, Optical Imaging, 3D Autoradiography and micro-CT as either single-modality systems or fully integrated in any combination on a multimodality imaging platform.

Latest technologies for arguably the best ever achieved in vivo imaging performance

MILabs molecular imaging systems are built in different base configurations to best meet the researcher’s application needs, offering exceptional performance, cost-effectiveness and extremely high reliability. Whether offered as stand-alone units or in multimodal imaging configurations, MILabs is truly pushing the performance limits in terms of image quality and in-vivo imaging functionality. With 0.15 mm SPECT and 0.6 mm PET resolution, nuclear imaging performance is currently approaching physical limits, set by the positron range for PET. Complemented by micro-CT and Optical Imaging with unique autonomous operation on an integrated multi-modal platform, preclinical imaging with a MILabs system is guided by a simple, intuitive and user-friendly operation to ensure highly efficient workflows, including single-pass PET, SPECT, bioluminescence, fluorescence and CT imaging of small animals with a single dose of anesthesia and without having to shuttle animals between molecular imaging modalities.

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