Duet Optical Imaging module

Exclusive dual-use Duet Optical Imaging module

The U-OI system is a high performance optical imaging modality enabling fully automated optical imaging of mice, using bioluminescence, fluorescence, and Cherenkov imaging techniques. The U-OI is available as a standalone bench-top system or can be fully integrated with additional MILabs imaging modules such as PET, SPECT, and/or CT. The U-OI module features industry-leading ultra-sensitive imaging technology with automatic focus and a computer-controlled filter wheel with narrow band-pass emission filters for multispectral applications. The system features a stage that can accommodate in vivo animal imaging of multiple mice as well as tissue and micro-well plate imaging.

Integrate with CT for deep-tissue 3D Optical Tomography

When combined with U-CT, the system can be upgraded to 3D/4D Fuorescence Tomography (FLT) and Bioluminescence Tomography (BLT) techniques. These optical tomography techniques are of superior quality and the first in the industry using segmented X-ray CT information for the reconstruction of 3D/4D optical images.

Integrate with PET and/or SPECT for synergistic multimodal probe imaging

Single-pass optical, nuclear and CT imaging facilitates preclinical to clinical translation, and in addition, accelerates multimodal probe development. The combination of imaging multimodal probes within a single session and with a single dose of anesthesia on a multimodal system represents in many aspects the new state-of-the-art in translational in vivo research.

Integrate any other modality
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