Today MILabs offers the highest flexibility in Optical Imaging. Starting out with a stand-alone system one can add integrated CT, PET and/or SPECT. These unique possibilities provide the flexibility you need for meeting all your research desires. Any integrated combination of Optical, PET, SPECT and X-ray CT is possible, which provides superb synergy across multiple modalities.

MILabs’ stand-alone Optical Imaging units

Standalone optical imaging units come in one or four Mpx together with a bench docking station. 

These high-performance OI units performing bioluminescence, fluorescence and Cherenkov imaging come in 1 Mpx or 4 Mpx. Each unit can be equipped with 6, 12, 24, 36, or 48 emission filters, to fully meet your needs. These systems can be upgraded with CT, PET and SPECT capabilities while maintaining the excellent stand-alone capabilities. The U-OI module features industry-leading ultra-sensitive imaging technology with automatic focus and a computer-controlled filter wheel with narrow band-pass emission filters for multispectral applications. The system features a stage that can accommodate in vivo animal imaging of up to 10 mice as well as ex vivo tissue and micro-well plate imaging.

Integrate with CT for deep-tissue 3D Optical Tomography

When combined with integrated U-CT, the system is able to perform 3D/4D Fluorescence Tomography (FLT) and Bioluminescence Tomography (BLT). These optical tomography techniques are of superior quality and the first in the industry using segmented X-ray CT information for the reconstruction of 3D/4D optical images.

fluorescence imaging of whole mouse body biodistribution

Integrate with PET and/or SPECT for synergistic multimodal probe imaging

Single-pass optical, nuclear and CT imaging facilitates preclinical to clinical translation, and in addition, accelerates multimodal probe development. The combination of imaging multimodal probes within a single session and with a single dose of anesthesia represents in many aspects the new state-of-the-art translational in vivo research.

bioluminescence - fluorescence and spect mouse imaging

Exclusive dual-use of MILabs’ Optical Imaging module

MILabs Optical Imaging units can be used as stand-alone when placed in the docking station on the bench to image up to 10 mice simultaneously. To perform FLT and BLT, this optical box can be placed on the CT, or Nuclear/CT system. Being able to effortlessly transfer the optical box between the stand-alone bench-top and present modalities and vice versa gives yet another bonus to the MILabs’ optical imaging platforms.

Integrate any other modality

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