Animal handling

Dedicated animal cells and monitoring systems

Animal beds and cells

MILabs’ transparent animal imaging beds can be easily converted to closed imaging U-cells for pathogen-free imaging. They are equipped with anesthesia cones and heater pads for optimal animal comfort. The beds can easily be mounted onto, and removed from, MILabs’ systems and also facilitate smooth transfer to other modalities such as MRI. The beds allow for open access to the animal during acquisition or can be closed. There is continuous visual monitoring of the animal by optical cameras. Custom beds are available upon request.

Mouse bed optimized for comfort, reproducibility, and reliability.

U-cell providing closed environment, suited for immuno-compro-mised or contagious mice.

Multi-mouse bed, for scanning 2, 3 or 4 animals simultaneously.

Rat bed with anesthesia nose cone, heating and gating connections.

Ferret bed with anesthesia nose cone, heating and gating connections.

Medium size animal bed for animals up to 5 kg.

Holders for stand-alone OI and hybrid OI/CT (max. three mice).

Plate/slide holder

5 mouse holder

3 mouse holder

Animal holders for hybrid FLT/CT and BLT/CT imaging.


Animals can be anesthetized with an optional gas anesthesia system with built-in vaporizer and flow meter. Precise automatic control of anesthetic and air minimizes anesthetic consumption.

Gating, heating and monitoring

An integrated system is available for animal monitoring, automatic animal temperature regulation, and multiple physiological event triggering. This enables flexible triggering, e.g. combined respiratory and cardiac gating. 

Optical docking station

Use this docking station for high throughput 2D imaging of up to ten mice at a time.
Optical Imaging docking station

Docking station

Animals can easily be positioned, injected and prepared using movable docking stations. These can be used either on the bench or inside a fume-hood.


Different sized hotrod phantoms are available.

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