Adaptive X-ray CT

  • Industry-leading 3D/4D CT performance: MIlabs U-CT is very fast and offers ultra-high resolution scanning at low x-ray doses making it possible to handle demanding multispecies 3D/4D in vivo imaging applications, including dynamic contrast-enhanced CT imaging. With voxel resolutions down to 2.5 μm, the U-CT system is also suited for many ex vivo applications including MILabs exclusive Exirad-3D SPECT/CT technique, an automated labor-saving histochemistry and autoradiography alternative.
  • Many steps ahead in preclinical CT imaging:
    Stand-alone or integrated CT, field-upgradable.
    Continuous variable isotropic voxel resolutions down-to 2.5 μm.
    Ultra-fast whole body scanning down to 3.5 seconds.
    Ultra-low radiation dose, down to 2 mGy.
    Variable zoom/magnification.
    Respiratory and cardiac gated imaging.
    Circular or helical (spiral) scanning.
    Dual-energy imaging.
    Dynamic (multi-frame) imaging.
    Prescan X-ray radiation dose calculator.
    FOV expandable to medium-sized animals (rabbits).
    Upgradable with PET, SPECT, bioluminescence, and fluorescence, including NIR & Cherenkov imaging.
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