MILabs presents: Webinars

Renowned experts in preclinical imaging (micro-CT, micro-PET and micro-SPECT, and Optical Tomography) present their research in MIlabs Webinars. Feel welcome to view and share these videos. 

Prof. Dr. Freek Beekman, TU Delft, Founder and CEO MILabs

Many important PET isotopes cannot be imaged at sufficiently high resolutions due to positron range. In addition, simultaneous imaging of different PET isotopes is hampered because annihilation photons all have equal energies. Here we demonstrate multi-pinhole based magnified imaging that achieves sub-mm resolution PET for isotopes with several mm positron range as well as multi-isotope PET, both new capabilities based on utilizing prompt gammas that are commonly neglected.

November, 2020

Behdad Pouran, PhD, MILabs, the Netherlands 

Musculoskeletal imaging plays a major role in disease diagnosis, pathogenesis, and (radio) pharmaceutics development.
In this webinar, examples of advanced imaging techniques performed on MILabs’ multimodality PET, SPECT, CT, and OI systems are presented. This webinar covers in vivo and ex vivo bone, bone-implant, and soft tissue imaging, and is of interest to specialists in the fields of orthopedics, maxillofacial, cardiovascular, neurology, pulmonary, and oncology. 

February, 2021

Bart Cornelissen, PhD, Associate Professor, University of Oxford

This webinar covers some recent groundbreaking studies conducted by the Cornelissen group in Oxford. Several recent papers will be presented including ‘Early detection in a mouse model of pancreatic cancer by imaging DNA damage response signaling’, ‘Dual-isotope antibody imaging allows in vivo immunohistochemistry using radiolabelled antibodies in tumours’, and ‘Imaging DNA Damage Repair in vivo Following 177Lu-DOTATATE Therapy’.

July, 2020

Dr. Alexandros Marios Sofias, RWTH Aachen, Germany

This webinar describes a multiscale and multimodal optical imaging approach for evaluating core-crosslinked polymeric micelles (CCPM) designed for cancer treatment. At the organism level, 3D micro-computed tomography-fluorescence tomography (μCT-FLT) and 2D fluorescence reflectance imaging (FRI) was performed. 

November, 2020

Dr. Sandra Heskamp, Department of Medical Imaging, Radboudumc, the Netherlands

This webinar describes the key applications of nuclear imaging in immuno-oncology. Currently, numerous immuno-oncological drugs are being developed to treat cancer patients. However, many questions remain unanswered, such as how, when, and for whom this treatment is most effective. Dr. Sandra Heskamp will show a few examples of imaging approaches developed in her group to tackle these questions. 

January, 2021

Dr. Julie Nonnekens, Erasmus MC, the Netherlands  

This talk describes the extensive preclinical evaluation of lutetium-177-labeled PSMA-specific tracers for prostate cancer radionuclide therapy. In vivo imaging was performed on the MILabs VECTorCT imaging platform.

November, 2020

micro-ct, micro-spect, preclinical pet

Prof. Dr. Vesna Sossi, University of British Columbia, Canada

This webinar highlights some of the key imaging applications at the UBC such as theranostic α-emitters imaging (e.g. 225Ac and 211At), nanomedicine, quantitative imaging of novel dual-isotope combinations, such as 111In and 67Ga, investigations of mechanisms of delivery and pharmacokinetics of antibiotics and antimicrobials, investigation of metal chelators and their use as radiopharmaceuticals, studies in immunology and vaccines, and macromolecular conjugates and lipid-based formulations.

August, 2020

Dr. Felix Gremse, RWTH Aachen University and Gremse IT

Hybrid fluorescence tomography and x-ray computed tomography (FLT-CT) provided by the MILabs OI-CT system allows non-invasive longitudinal volumetric assessment of fluorescent probes in mice in vivo. This talk demonstrates that FLT-CT can be used to quantitatively determine the biodistribution NIRF-labeled probes. It also demonstrates the functionality for multimodal bioluminescence tomography (BLT-CT) which uses multispectral images to identify deep luminescent sources such as luciferase-expressing tumors and metastases.

August, 2020

Prof. Dr. Freek Beekman, TU Delft, Founder and CSO/CEO of MILabs

This talk describes the most recent advances of the award winning MILabs VECTor6 PET, SPECT, X-ray & Optical CT imaging platform. Several unique applications of the VECTor 6 technology will be presented, performed by many research labs across the globe.

August, 2020

Denise Stanford, MS, The University of Alabama at Birmingham

Ferrets are a recently established animal model uniquely exhibiting similar clinical and pathological characteristics of COPD as humans, including chronic bronchitis but are also instrumental for COVID-19 research. This talk describes a µCT method for evaluating structural changes to the airways in ferrets and how the MILabs µCT can be used as a significant translational platform to measure dynamic airway morphological changes.

August, 2020

Dr. Stéphanie Durand-Panteix, University of Limoges, France

This webinar highlights the potency of 212Pb-alpha radioimmunotherapy in Multiple Myeloma treatment. The results of this study showed the efficacy of 212Pb-daratumumab in xenografted mice with significant tumor regression and increased survival. To conduct this preclinical study, we performed in vivo biodistribution study using USPECT-CT. Results obtained by whole-body SPECT/CT images using 203Pb, a gamma-emitter, allowed to consider a theranostic approach for 212Pb alpha-therapy with a chemically identical radioelement.

October, 2020

Prof. Ekaterina Dadachova, University of Saskatchewan, Canada

Radioimmunoimaging and radioimmunotherapy applications are supported by the MILabs VECTorCT platform at the University of Saskatchewan, including:
‣  Daratumumab-225Actinium Conjugate Demonstrates Greatly Enhanced Antitumor Activity Against Experimental Multiple Myeloma Tumors 
‣ Comparative Radioimmunotherapy of Experimental Melanoma With Novel Humanized Antibody to Melanin Labeled With 213Bismuth and 177Lutetium

September, 2020

Prof. Dr. Yasuhisa Fujibayashi, National Institute of Radiological Sciences, School of Medicine, Keio University, Japan

Exploit simultaneous 99mTc-HSA/64Cu-ATSM imaging to accelerate the development of 64Cu-ATSM as an add-on targeted radiotherapy agent.

August, 2020

Dr.  Kelly Ceyzériat, Hôpitaux Universitaires de Genève – Belle-Idée, Switzerland

Dopaminergic system is involved in many behavioral and cognitive functions and appears more and more implicated in neurological diseases. The U-SPECT imaging system allows us to estimate both the density and the affinity of dopaminergic receptors in the striatum and also in the SN/VTA. Moreover, using dual injections of radiotracers, U-SPECT imaging allows us to study two neurotransmitter systems in a single acquisition and consequently evaluate the interaction between them.

October, 2020

Prof. Dr. Freek Beekman, TU Delft, Founder and CSO/CEO of MILabs

Lecture at Freek Beekman’s receipt of the Hoffman Memorial Award at the 2017 Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging.

June, 2017

Prof. Stephen L Archer MD, Queen’s University, United States

Interested in advancing your drug discovery, pathobiological studies, and diagnosis of COVID-19 as well as other progressive pulmonary diseases affecting lung microarchitecture? This webinar provides a comprehensive overview of research in Prof. Stephen Archer’s team, and a good example of their translational approach by incorporating in vivo imaging of mouse models using MILabs’ Micro-CT.

June, 2021

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