Positron Range-Free and Multi-Isotope Tomography of Positron Emitters

Positron Range-Free and Multi-Isotope Tomography of Positron Emitters

by Prof. Dr. Freek Beekman, TU Delft, Founder and CEO of MILabs

Many important PET isotopes cannot be imaged at sufficiently high resolutions due to positron range. In addition, simultaneous imaging of different PET isotopes is hampered because annihilation photons all have equal energies. Here we demonstrate multi-pinhole based magnified imaging that achieves sub-mm resolution PET for isotopes with several mm positron range as well as multi-isotope PET, both new capabilities based on utilizing prompt gammas that are commonly neglected.

Took place: November 5, 2020 (at IEEE NSS MIC virtual meeting)

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