7-series micro SPECT MILabs

Ultra-high-resolution SPECT

The U-SPECT system can perform quantitative 3D functional imaging of SPECT tracers with proven uniform resolution down to 0.12 mm ex vivo and 0.25 mm in vivo. This unique and multi-patented system allows for extremely fast focused (down to 1 s) and whole-body (down to 8 s) dynamic imaging of rodents. Stationary gamma-ray detectors enable fast temporal resolution, requiring no geometrical re-calibrations. The U-SPECT system is upgradeable with a High Energy (HE) option and the only system in the market suitable for quantitative sub-mm imaging of higher energy and theranostic isotopes such as 131I, 188Re, 213Bi, 225Ac, 223Ra, and many others.

VECTor: simultaneous PET-SPECT

The U-SPECT system is upgradable at any time with ultra-high-definition PET to an integrated PET/SPECT system (“the VECTor platform”), allowing sub-mm imaging of PET and SPECT tracers separately or simultaneously with market-leading spatial resolutions. Moreover, VECTor is the only system on the market capable of positron-range free imaging of PET isotopes such as 124I, 76Br, and 82Rb, as well as simultaneous multi-isotope PET and PET/SPECT imaging at < 0.75 mm resolution. This unique combination of advanced technologies earned MILabs the WMIC 2018 Innovation of the Year award.

EXIRAD-3D: Automated Quantitative 3D Autoradiography

By scanning cryo-cooled tissue samples, such as complete organs, with a dedicated super-resolution EXIRAD-3D SPECT option, researchers can finally eliminate many tedious, time-consuming, and error-prone steps from quantitative 3D autoradiography. Thanks to the excellent energy resolving capabilities of the detectors, one can scan multiple isotopes at the same time to image 3D distributions of different molecules simultaneously, at 0.12 mm resolution. EXIRAD-3D images can be re-sliced in any direction, and automatically overlaid with ultra-high resolution X-ray CT images.

Integrate any other modality
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