EXIRAD-3D: Automated Quantitative 3D Autoradiography

By scanning cryo-cooled tissue samples with a dedicated micron-resolution highly sensitive SPECT option, researchers can finally eliminate many tedious, time-consuming, and error-prone steps from Quantitative 3D Autoradiography. Thanks to the excellent energy resolving capabilities of the detectors, one can scan multiple isotopes at the same time to image 3D distributions of different molecules simultaneously.

Mouse knee imaged with micro-resolution 99mTc-MDP SPECT/CT with 4 µm voxel CT (left) and 99mTc-MDP SPECT (right). These extreme resolution SPECT and CT capabilities enable studying the spatial distribution of a selected function marker and relate this one-to-one to anatomical microstructures imaged in 3D.

Highly efficient workflow of tissue processing with EXIRAD-3D.

EXIRAD-3D multi-isotope autoradiography is fast, saves tremendous amounts of labor and reduces costs. And best of all, results are truly quantitative. On your image analysis workstation, undistorted quantitative EXIRAD-3D images can be re-sliced in any direction over and over, and can be perfectly overlaid with automatically registered ultra-high resolution CT images obtained in the same multi-modal acquisition or with other 3D images of the specimen. With EXIRAD-3D, MILabs’ U-SPECT6CT and VECTor6CT systems offer a unique single-system solution to translate research results from ex vivo to in vivo analysis and vice-versa.

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