Kurashiki, Okayama, Japan and Utrecht, the Netherlands, 20 August 2019.

Kawasaki Medical University, Yokohama’s research hub for state-of-the-art medical science and services has acquired an ultra-high-resolution E-Class U-SPECT6/CT system for preclinical imaging. E-Class stands for “Economical Excellence” and is based on MILabs’ award-winning* generation of broadband photon tomography. It is the only nuclear imaging system that can image mice with the same visual acuity as can be obtained from imaging humans with clinical scanners.

Prof. M. Inubushi and Dr. A. Mimura with their new U-SPECT6/CT system
(*Commercial Innovation of the Year at the WMIC 2018 Congress)

Prof. Masayuki Inubushi, principal nuclear medicine investigator and a Japanese opinion leader in molecular imaging states: “If we expect to see structures in a mouse that we are used to see in human imaging, we will need to achieve comparable anatomical and functional resolution. Today, this resolution can only be achieved with a MILabs U-SPECT/CT system”.

Prof. Frederik Beekman, founder and CEO/CTO of MILabs comments: “We are grateful that our system can contribute to the pioneering translational research work of Prof. Inubushi. Among his past accomplishments are the first off simultaneous imaging of co-injected PET/SPECT complementary oncology tracers on a MILabs VECTor PET-SPECT-CT installed at the National Institute for Radiological Sciences in Japan”.

About Kawasaki Medical University:

Located in Kurashiki in the western Okayama Prefecture, Kawasaki Medical School is a privately owned research hub for state-of-the-art medical science and medical services. Through inter-Japanese as well as international collaborations and persistent research efforts, Kawasaki’s medical research department maintains a leading role in the elucidation of the pathological conditions of intractable and unknown diseases. For more information, visit: https://m.kawasaki-m.ac.jp/en/.

About MILabs B.V.

This fast-growing Dutch company has a history of providing a continuum of innovations to expand the applications preclinical molecular imaging. With its latest adaptive platform, MILabs has succeeded at commercializing a scalable imaging platform, able to accommodate PET, SPECT, Optical & X-ray Tomography either as stand-alone or fully integrated modalities on a single integrated system. For the commercialization of this preclinical imaging platform, MILabs was awarded the Innovation of the Year 2018 by the World Molecular Imaging Society. For more information, visit:  www.milabs.com or contact MILabs at [email protected]