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Showcasing the most precise biomedical tomographic systems, ever!


Hands down, MILabs provides the most versatile one-stop solution for translational in vivo imaging. No matter what tracer, animal model, or modality – PET, SPECT, bioluminescence, fluorescence or X-ray CT – you’ll get images with the required visual acuity for bench-to-clinic translation without information loss Read more


Recent developments and improvements of multimodal imaging methods in animal research have substantially strengthened the options of in vivo tumor detection. Lütje et al. characterized four novel anti-PSMA drug conjugates labeled with 111In using high-resolution SPECT/CT. Read more


Optical colonoscopy remains the gold-standard method for early detection of colocrectal cancer. Carpenet et al. demonstrated that a 99mTc-labeled IgA antibody against the carcinoembryonic antigen is a promising tracer for diagnosis of colorectal cancer and distant metastases in the lung. Read more

To ensure availability of sufficient amounts of 99Mo for diagnostic imaging, the US Government announced plans for a new production facility in Janesville (WI). With the recent development of MILabs’ super-resolution G-SPECT* for large animal and human imaging, reduction of 99Mo may be possible. Read more

* G-SPECT is not available for clinical use, yet. Sale for such use depends on local (pre)market approval, including FDA and CE certifications.