MILabs USPECT4CT: applications in a preclinical study of 212Pb alpha radioimmunotherapy in multiple myeloma 

by Dr. Stéphanie Durand-Panteix, CRIBL Lab CNRS7276/INSERM1262/University of Limoges, France

This webinar highlights the potency of 212Pb-alpha radioimmunotherapy in Multiple Myeloma treatment. The results of this study showed the efficacy of 212Pb-daratumumab in xenografted mice with significant tumor regression and increased survival. To conduct this preclinical study, we performed in vivo biodistribution study using USPECT4CT. Results obtained by whole-body SPECT/CT images using 203Pb, a gamma-emitter, allowed to consider a theranostic approach for 212Pb alpha-therapy with a chemically identical radioelement.

Took place: October, 2020 

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