MILabs ultra-high resolution SPECT & PET delivers new opportunities for oncology

MILabs ultra-high resolution SPECT & PET delivers new opportunities for oncology

Traditionally oncology research have been compromised by limited resolution of SPECT and PET. The lack of details in tumor images often hides essential information. Recently, several publications showed the unique capability of MILabs high performance SPECT and PET systems to shed new light upon micro-heterogeneity of tracer uptake in 3D over time. Please have a look at selected publications below.

Miest2013b Mayo Clinic
Measles Virus Entry Through the Signaling Lymphocyte Activation Molecule Governs Efficacy of Mantle Cell Lymphoma Radiovirotherapy, T. Miest, M. Frenzke, R. Cattaneo, Mol. Ther. 2013 Pubmed
UMC Utrecht / Genmab / VUMC
3D histological validation of high-resolution SPECT of antibody distributions within xenografts, W. Branderhorst, E.L.A. Blezer, M. Houtkamp, R.M. Ramakers, J. H. van den Brakel, H. Witteveen, F. van der Have, H. A. Gratama van Andel, B. Vastenhouw, M. Stigter-van Walsum, G.A.M.S. van Dongen, M. A. Viergever, W.K. Bleeker, F.J. Beekman. J. Nucl. Med. 2014 Pubmed
Liu2014 Mayo Clinic
Oncolytic vaccinia virotherapy for endometrial cancer, Y.P. Liu, J. Wang, V.A. Avanzato, J.N. Bakkum-Gamez, S.J. Russell, J.C. Bell, K.W. Peng, Gynecol Oncol. 2014 Pubmed
Monitoring Glioma Growth and Tumor Necrosis with the U-SPECT-II/CT Scanner by Targeting Integrin αvβ3G. Shao G, Y. Zhou, F. Wang, S. Liu. Mol. Imaging 2013 Pubmed
Mouseknee UMC Utrecht / TU Delft
Quarter-Millimeter-Resolution Molecular Mouse Imaging with U-SPECT+O. Ivashchenko, F. van der Have, J.L. Villena, H.C. Groen, R.M. Ramakers, H.H. Weinans, F.J. Beekman, Mol. Imaging 2014 Pubmed
Goorden2013 UMC Utrecht / Academic Medical Center Amsterdam / TU Delft
VECTor: A Pre-clinical Imaging System for Simultaneous Sub-mm SPECT-PET. M.C. Goorden, F.van der Have, R. Kreuger, R.M. Ramakers, B. Vastenhouw, J.P.H. Burbach, J. Booij, C.F.M. Molthoff and F.J. Beekman.J.Nucl.Med. 2012 Pubmed

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