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MILabs continues to push the limits in multimodal preclinical imaging. Its new integrated hexamodal imaging platform will be unveiled on June 10 at the Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (SNMMI) Annual Meeting in Denver.

MILabs B.V. launches its next generation integrated PET-SPECT-OI-CT imaging solution – named the 5-series – at the 2017 Annual SNMMI Meeting in Denver, USA that will be held from June 10th to 14th (www.snmmi.org). This fully scalable and integrated PET-SPECT-OI-CT imaging solution is expected to enable even more significant breakthroughs in anatomical, functional and molecular imaging. Building on MILabs’ tradition of offering groundbreaking biomedical imaging innovations, the new 5-series outperforms any other commercially available PET and SPECT system in terms of resolution, multi-modal functionality and multi-tracer performance. Moreover, the system pushes the limits of X-ray CT performance that can be achieved with hybrid PET/CT, SPECT/CT and Optical/CT configurations. It combines ultra-high resolution 4D CT capabilities at very low radiation doses with 0.15 mm SPECT and 0.6 mm PET and offers in combination with the Optical Imaging module, Bioluminescence, Fluorescence and Cherenkov images with unprecedented morphological details. Systems will be available as stand-alone single-modality units or as an integrated multi-modal system with any possible combination of the mentioned modalities.  All imaging modalities can be run on small animals with a single dose of anesthesia.

PET-SPECT-OI-CT imaging solution is expected to enable even more significant breakthroughs in anatomical, functional and molecular imaging

In terms of nuclear molecular imaging, MILabs differentiates its products from conventional systems by magnified physical collimation. With proven performance in over 60 installations worldwide, its latest implementation of PET detection enhances F-18 resolution to nearly the theoretical physical limit and reduces image noise to extremely low levels by eliminating random coincidences and cutting background scatter. Compared to traditional digital PET systems, its PET system is also extremely quiet since only very basic detector cooling is required to minimize noise and crystals with high-energy resolution can be used to further improve S/N.  Moreover, PET and SPECT feature enhanced reconstruction methods that effectively improve resolution and in addition, enable to recover very low concentration of tracers, thus effectively boosting sensitivity for exactly those applications where it really matters. Since high-resolution SPECT has applications beyond in vivo imaging, MILabs is now also offering a multi-isotope 3D autoradiography option with <150 micron image resolution, which enables to rapidly perform autoradiography of tissue samples without slicing, thus reducing ex vivo tissue processing labor time with orders of magnitude.

The proven high quality of MILabs’ X-ray CT system introduced in 2016 has further been enhanced with hybrid Optical/CT imaging, a further reduction in required X-ray radiation dose, improved resolution for both in vivo and ex vivo imaging, pre-scan dose monitoring, and new multi-energy plus dynamic contrast imaging capabilities. The CT subsystem is offered with a choice of three levels of resolution and the high-resolution versions add significant diagnostic value for application areas such as for in vivo bone, vascular, lung, cancer and arthritis research.

“Today our customers are highly enthusiastic about MILabs’ fully integrated PET/SPECT/CT and we are pleased to offer them further improved resolution, quantitative accuracy, low dose and ultra-fast dynamic imaging capabilities as well“, says Frederik Beekman, CEO/CSO of MILabs. This breakthrough brings MILabs even further ahead in terms of combined ultra-high resolution functional and anatomical imaging. MILabs expects that this new generation integrated and highly versatile molecular and anatomical imaging platform will further accelerate the rapid growth of MILabs’ global customer base.

About MILabs

MILabs B.V. (Utrecht, the Netherlands) provides high-end molecular imaging solutions for biomedical and pharmaceutical research. Today these systems contribute worldwide to the development of new diagnostic solutions and therapies for diseases such as diabetes, cancer, cardiac and neurodegenerative diseases. For more information, visit www.milabs.com

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