To overcome the recent supply shortage of Tc-99m and meet anticipated future growing demand, four new suppliers are now working at starting production of Mo-99 in North America: NorthStar Medical Radioisotopes, General Atomics/Nordion, SHINE Medical Technologies and Northwest Medical Isotopes. New production facilities are at various stages of completion and expected to come on-line within the next two years. They will initially focus on supplying the North American market where Tc-99m is used in more than 80% of nuclear medicine applications.

These new initiatives will benefit many patients as well as researchers and restore the U.S. ability to supply Tc-99m as a diagnostic tool for the first time in 30 years. The new Mo-99 production technologies used by these companies are expected to mark a new era in nuclear medicine technology by providing a reliable, economically produced and environmentally friendly Mo-99/Tc-99m supply, thus empowering a more extensive use of SPECT in the clinic. Read more in the following links:

Northwest Medical Isotopes


SHINE Medical Technologies

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