VECTor4 & VECTor4CT (Simultaneous PET-SPECT)


Full U-SPECT4 capability
with unique sub-mm PET-SPECT addition
Optional fully integrated CT

  • VECTor4 is an economical and lab-space efficient platform to perform ultra-high resolution PET on the U-SPECT4
  • ¼ mm resolution SPECT and simultaneous SPECT-PET capability of ½ mm and  ¾ mm respectively
  • PET tracers can be imaged simultaneously with several SPECT tracers, with superb resolution and quantitative accuracy
  • Proprietary single step SPECT-PET-CT
  • Intrinsic spatial and temporal SPECT-PET registration
  • Like U-SPECT4CT, VECTor is extremely user-friendly
  • Superb resolution for single photon emitters with high gamma energies such as131I, 67Ga and 213Bi

MILabs’ VECTor4 is a significant improvement over the original VECTor technology. VECTor is the first and only simultaneous SPECT and PET imaging system in the market. Since its introduction in 2010, the VECTor has opened up a new chapter in preclinical imaging by enabling truly simultaneous SPECT and PET imaging with unprecedented resolution (SPECT with ½ mm and PET with ¾ mm) as was shown in  J. Nucl. Med. This unique feature of VECTor with superior resolution resurrected many previous applications, such as in cardiology or neuroscience, by imaging two different biological functions at the same time with PET and SPECT, which had never been possible before. VECTor has also proven to be extremely successful in sub-mm imaging of therapeutic isotopes like 131I, 67Ga and 213Bi.

Now, MILabs announces the VECTor4 which is significantly improved in performance and is available with several exchangeable collimators and optional crystal thicknesses (VECTor4 XT). The wide variety of collimator options further supports the ability to optimize resolution and sensitivity to meet researchers’ specific imaging needs. An order of magnitude improvement in sensitivity can be reached with the VECTor4. Additional signal-to-noise improvements have been accomplished with the use of new reconstruction methods that correct for DOI effects and various collimator-specific effects.  And of course, CT can always be added to VECTor4 to create VECTor4CT. With SPECT, PET and CT seamlessly integrated together it provides an extremely user-friendly, high resolution and cost efficient tri-modal system. Resulting from continuous developmental efforts and improvements, VECTor4 is truly the leading system in both SPECT and PET in performance that also provides a unique opportunity for simultaneous imaging as well.

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