Optical Imaging (OI) Module

The MILabs’ VECTor system can be offered as an upgradeable optical system. Its comprehensive Optical Imaging (OI) capabilities include Fluorescence, Bioluminescence and Cherenkov imaging. Now you can translate your in vitro and ex vivo research to an in vivo system with fused optical and nuclear capabilities.

  • Industry-leading optical camera embedded on a multi-modal platform: The U-OI system features a proprietary large area sensor with multi-stage thermo-electric cooling, enabling the camera to operate at an unprecedented -100°C without the aggravation of liquid nitrogen or compressed gas cooling. This no-compromise optical design delivers exceptional sensitivity for imaging optical probes, both in stand-alone and multi-modal configuration.

  • Suited for optical reporters across the blue to near infrared wavelength region. The U-OI system uses a computer-controlled filter wheel with narrow band-pass emission filters for multi-spectral bioluminescence and fluorescence imaging. In fluorescence mode, a broadband halogen light source is filtered by a set of computer-controlled narrow band-pass excitation filters.

  • Automated single-pass Optical/CT or Optical/ Nuclear/CT imaging: By mounting the OI system on an industry-leading stage for in vivo animal imaging including temperature and anesthesia control, the system offers flexible and sensitive optical multi-modal preclinical imaging capabilities with a one-step operation and automated co-registration of images.

Bioluminescence, Fluorescence and SPECT in a single scan. PET and CT can be added easily to the same single scan session.

SPECT slices show that uptake of tracers can be imaged at any depth without compromising the quantitative accuracy or resolution.

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