Ten global sites already acquired MILabs breakthrough optical imaging system

A series of technological innovations has led to in vivo three-dimensional optical imaging. After years of development, MILabs introduced in early 2018, hybrid Optical Imaging/CT (OI/CT) imaging on its expandable VECTor6 PET/SPECT/OI/CT platform. Customers in Europe, the US, Australia, and China have already acquired this WMIC 2018 award-winning system. Next to high-throughput 2D bioluminescence and multi-spectral fluorescence imaging, hybrid OI/CT enables optical tomography fusion with X-ray CT using both fluorescence (FLT) and bioluminescence (BLT) probes. In mouse models, the resolution of FLT/CT correlates well with preclinical coincidence PET.


Fused images of different bone tracers with high-resolution CT: 99mTc-MDP for SPECT (green), Na-18F for PET (red) and osteosense for 3D fluorescence tomography (FLT, blue). Watch video

Dr. Gremse et al. – Fluorescence Tomography (FLT/CT) for a wide range of in vivo imaging applications

Among other applications, the fusion of FLT with X-ray CT allows longitudinal imaging for the determination of the biodistribution, i.e. the elimination and retention of fluorescence-labelled drugs or drug delivery systems. According to Dr. Gremse (ExMI, Aachen, Germany): In-line FLT/CT enables quantitative optical imaging. After CT image segmentation, heterogeneous light scattering and absorption maps are used for GPU-accelerated iterative reconstruction of the 3D fluorescence distribution. 
For more information, see the WMIC poster of Dr. Felix Gremse

Longitudinal biodistribution of ICG determined by FLT/CT at seven time points (0.25, 2, 4, 8, 24, 48 and 72 h) after i.v. injection. Organ segmentation was used to generate organ curves. ICG shows high hepatic accumulation at 0.25 h which decreases over time with concurrent increase in the intestine, indicating hepatobiliary elimination and complete clearance after 48 h. From: Al Rawashdeh et al, Noninvasive Assessment of Elimination and Retention using CT-FMT and Kinetic Whole-body Modeling, Theranostics, 2017.

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