European Society for Molecular Imaging Meeting 2015
The European Society for Molecular Imaging (ESMI) will have its annual meeting on March 18-20 in Tubingen. This meeting focusses on Imaging Sciences from basics to translational aspects. We invite you for the MILabs’ industrial sessionon Versatile Ultra-high Performance SPECT-PET-CT with Simultaneous SPECT-PET capabilities. Many exiting molecular imaging applications will be shown. Wednesday morning, March 18th 09.30- 10.30, lecture room 22
Customer in the spotlight: Mayo Clinic
In 1998, Dr. Stephen Russell and Dr. Kah-Whye Peng joined Mayo Clinic where they built the Department of Molecular Medicine. They develop technologies for targeting, monitoring and enhancing the potency of novel cell, gene and virus-based anticancer therapies and advance the most promising technologies to clinical testing. Read the interview here
Novel PET-SPECT-CT-MRI platform installed in Brussels
The new MILabs PET-SPECT-CT-MR platform was installed at the In Vivo Cellular and Molecular Imaging lab at the VUB in Brussels to expand preclinical imaging capabilities for a wide range of applications including nanobody research. Read more
Ultra-High-Sensitivity SPECT for Ultra Low Dose Imaging
J. Nucl. Med. highlights U-SPECT imaging with an ultra-sensitive collimator enabling to image with only a quarter MBq. This enables screening of new tracers with initially very low yield, imaging of low receptor densities and ultra-fast dynamic SPECT. With the same system, quarter mm resolution SPECT can be performed as well. Read more
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