Cardiomics Mouse Imaging:
Capturing anatomical, functional and molecular data from a moving target
By combining unprecedented high temporal and spatial resolution on a hexamodal-imaging platform, MILabs’ VECTor4CT systems enable to visualize and study new areas of mouse cardio-vascular disease previously not possible. For the first time, one can acquire in vivo anatomical, functional and molecular images of the mouse heart with organ definition and fluidity of contraction comparable or better to what can be achieved in humans. Among the VECTor4CT unique cardiomics capabilities are:
  1. Dynamic SPECT and dynamic PET myocardial innervation, viability and absolute blood flow (MBF) quantification.
  2. Concurrent PET/SPECT imaging of a co-injected 99mTc perfusion tracer and e.g. 82Rb or 18F-FDG.
  3. Contrast-enhanced hybrid nuclear/CT multi-gated imaging combining 4D angiography and 4D perfusion imaging.
  4. Computation of global cardiac functional metrics from 4D micro-CT data sets using short, quantitative, low-radiation-dose protocols.
Featuring high-performance hexamodal imaging technologies, i.e. SPECT, PET, CT, Bioluminescence, Fluorescence and Cherenkov imaging, MILabs VECTor4CT makes it now possible to extract with just one imaging study, a wide range of functional and morphological/kinetic data to better delineate heart disease with more proven efficacy than separately used modalities.
MILabs’ VECTor4CT system makes anatomical, functional and molecular cardiomics evaluation possible in a completely non-invasive way.
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