MILabs reports another year of record growth

March 12, 2018 – Utrecht, The Netherlands – MILabs B.V. reported that the company has seen another year of record preclinical sales with a second consecutive year-to-year rise close to 50%. High sales growth was accompanied by a strong increase in R&D spending on its exclusive quad-modality PET-SPECT-CT-OI preclinical platform as well as its award-winning G-SPECT high-definition clinical SPECT scanner.

“This highlights the financial strength and stability of MILabs B.V.” stated Prof. Frederik Beekman, CEO of MILabs. “Our strong growth is rooted in the success of new modalities on our VECTor platform, Adaptive PET, Adaptive high-performance CT and Optical Tomography. Every region – North America, Europe and ME-APAC – has contributed to MILabs’ growth, and each one has achieved new sales records.” For 2018, the company expects that the recent addition of Optical Imaging to its preclinical imaging platform – including groundbreaking 3D/4D optical tomography – will further increase its sales growth.

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