MILabs launches high-resolution medium-sized animal SPECT

The new MSA collimator opens up new avenues for carrying out SPECT in medium-sized animals with unprecedented high levels of detail. Subsequently a wide range of applications to non-invasively study these animals becomes available of which some are listed below:

Rabbit Liver

Rabbit Heart

MILabs_Rabbit_Liver_crop MILabs_Rabbit_Heart_crop
These single slices respiratory gated rabbit images unravel high details inside the liver using Fytaat. In gated and static cardiac Sestamibi images the left ventricle wall including papillary muscles and the right ventricle wall can clearly be distinguished.

Rabbit Kidney

A DMSA kidney scan clearly shows the renal cortex structure with the renal pelvis opening readily visible.

MILabs offers an extensive range of collimators for mice, rat and rabbit; please contact [email protected] for more information.

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