G-SPECT is an innovative high-performance full-ring SPECT system developed for large animals. G-SPECT offers an up to 2.5 times improvement in spatial image resolution over typical current SPECT systems and up to twenty times reduction in SPECT radiopharmaceutical use to obtain conventional SPECT resolutions. The system is suitable for imaging a wide range of isotopes, including all low- and medium-energy SPECT isotopes such as 201Tl, 99mTc, 123I, and 111In. Moreover, for research applications, the system has the unique capability to image at unprecedented high resolutions high-energy theranostic isotopes such 131I, 225Ac/213Bi, 212Pb, and perform targeted PET including simultaneous multi-isotope PET imaging. Another exclusive research feature is concurrent PET/SPECT imaging, making direct comparisons between co-injected SPECT and PET tracers under identical physiological conditions possible since their images are co-registered in space and time. The G-SPECT is mainly based on MILabs proven technology for pre-clinical diagnostic and theranostic applications, including patented stationary multi-pinhole (SMP) image collimation and magnification technologies. With its unique potential for high resolution and fast list-mode acquisitions, groundbreaking static and dynamic SPECT applications can now be translated to large animals.

Please contact MILabs via [email protected] for availability in your region.

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