Academic European Union funding opportunities 2015

Horizon 2020The HORIZON 2020 program offers opportunities to apply for funding in a two staged call related to in vivo medical imaging with the first deadline October 14th 2014.

The development of new diagnostics (more sensitive, robust and selective) for improved clinical practice demands the translation of multidisciplinary scientific and technological knowledge from diverse fields into clinical applications. Innovation in this area relies on the development, translation and uptake of existing, new or evolving, and often complex technologies.

Proposals should focus on the development of innovative in vivo imaging tools and technologies. The novel application of existing tools and technologies is not included. Tools and technology should aim at improving diagnosis, prediction, monitoring, image-based intervention or assessment of therapeutic response, with a significant impact on clinical decisions and health outcomes. Proposals should focus on innovations that offer a clear advantage over existing tools and technologies.

Please contact us on [email protected] if you want MILabs to be your SME partner in HORIZON 2020

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