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Science-based, science-serving
MILabs was founded in 2006 as a spin-off from the University Medical Centre Utrecht, the Netherlands. Today, a whole new line of highly reliable preclinical imaging systems with unsurpassed resolution, speed and sensitivity has been developed which has received many international awards from the scientific community. These instruments support many happy users worldwide and serve as the imaging platform for important discoveries in the many fields including pharmacology, oncology, cardiology, bone research, diabetes and neuroscience.

Unmatched qualities
MILabs achieved its first commercial success with the U-SPECT and U-SPECT/CT systems, which today deliver sub-quarter-mm resolution images of radiolabeled tracers.  There has been a continuum of new developments that further improved the performance and functionality of MILabs imaging systems. In 2011, MILabs introduced VECTor, an extremely user-friendly, fully integrated simultaneous SPECT and PET imaging technology that provides uniform 0.75 mm isotropic resolution for the PET data along with 0.5 mm uniform isotropic resolution for the SPECT. In addition, clinical SPECT systems with unmatched performance are currently being developed at MILabs that received the 2015 Innovation of the Year award from the World Molecular Imaging Society.  In 2015 MILabs launched U-CT, the best-in-class preclinical in vivo CT scanner, which provides unprecedented resolution, low dose imaging capabilities and outstanding scanning speed. Today U-CT units  systems are integrated in the U-SPECT/CT and VECTor/CT. Recently MILabs launched an optical imaging module for its preclinical systems; with it, customers can order any combination of SPECT, PET, Optical Imaging and X-ray CT, in a single fully integrated platform.

Latest technologies
MILabs systems are built in different base configurations to best meet the researcher’s application needs, offering exceptional value, cost-effectiveness and extremely high reliability. These systems provide simple, intuitive and user-friendly operation and a highly efficient workflow. The latest products include the new VECTor4CT-OI and U-SPECT4CT-OI platforms.

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