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Science-based, science serving
MILabs was founded in 2006 by Professor Frederik Beekman, who – as a researcher in molecular imaging – designed a whole new line of molecular imaging systems with unsurpassed resolution. MILabs U-SPECT and VECTor technologies have received many international awards from the scientific community.

Unmatched qualities
MILabs’ first commercial successes with U-SPECT-II and U-SPECT-II/CT were followed by rapid expansion of the company’s customer base throughout the world. There have been several new developments that further improved the performance and functionality of the imaging systems. In 2010 MILabs introduced an extremely user friendly, fully integrated simultaneous SPECT and PET imaging device with sub-mm resolution: VECTor.

Best choice in combined SPECT/PET/CT
VECTor is based on MILabs´ proprietary multi-pinhole technologies for ultra-high resolution imaging of gamma emitting isotopes up to 511 KeV and is fully integrated in one single platform. In many user relevant applications VECTor surpasses the performance (in resolution, flexibility and speed) of existing technologies such as coincidence-based PET and tri-modality devices.

User friendly, customized configurations and cost-effective
An integral part of MILabs imaging system is a patented and specially designed user interface that provides simple, intuitive system operation and highly efficient workflow. Our systems are built in different base configurations to best meet the researcher’s wishes, offering both exceptional value and cost-effectiveness. System configurations may vary based upon collimator selection, third party accessories required, or the addition of a specially integrated CT scanner.